Mike Tyson Training HL

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Fast paced Highlight of Mike Tyson training, music: Propane Nightmares by Pendulum.


mart mcphly says:

or be able to punch them in the face, which would nullify the ground attacks.

sergio flores lara says:

Of all Mike Tyson videos this is probably the best one ive seen it covers so much technique just by quickly observing

OneSidedPounding says:

Haha couldn’t have put it any better.

Slugworth79 says:

Pendulum Propane Nightmares.

Bambi Spank says:

ye i only said that cause people were saying mike tyson could clean the house @UFC

Calogero Palermo says:

the champion forever

sonny19931 says:

That’s such a stupid way to put. The MMA fighter would probably win in an MMA fight, the boxer would probably win a boxing match. A golfer would probably beat both of them at fucking golf.

Daniel Huerta says:

what is this song?

demolayakp says:

I am fans of both boxing and MMA. Boxers and fencers probably have the best footwork for fighting but footwork in boxing is done to avoid punches and create angles to attack. not to avoid a takedown. MMA’s footwork is so much different from boxing footwork

Nguyễn Bảo says:

perfect boxer!

ruben crisostomo says:

2013 excelente

thedevilsrain666 says:

like a flyweight

mimig83sud says:

Very Good Video thanks

Johnny Cage says:

when are the videos from when hes fighting in t shirt? i never seen them befor.

Bambi Spank says:


albanstyler1 says:


Dezmund Alvarado says:

music sucks

wackey2k10 says:


Bambi Spank says:

but hey, didnt mike tyson get KO by a nobody? yea !! he did

Bambi Spank says:

yes by one of the best fighters in the planet

FrnnkEducation says:

didn’t velasquez get knocked out in like…3 minutes before? lmao

Sunny Parikh says:

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Alireza Valadkhan says:

fucked up song

Motoruven says:

Not saying Tyson ever did wrestling, but most highlevel wrestlers would eat an uppercut if they tried to shoot on Tyson. One of the best ever, no one in MMA right now could have beaten Tyson in his prime. My guess.

Arsène Meitantei says:

Mike with 21year eat both of them in the first round XD

Cassius X says:


Denis Flinn says:

Say what you will about Mike Tyson – there’s plenty to say – but if we’re talking about him in his fighting prime, it should all be positive. I wouldn’t venture a guess at his all-time rank, but no one ever past, present or future would want to face him.

TajnyAgentify says:

if Mike can be 25 years younger he will eat klitschko brothers in first round ;p

nikolaaapn says:

evander holyfield is better much better and lennox lewis better.

AmeliMik says:

Invincible !!!

Adam James Emelianenko says:

If I could combine any two fighters, it would be Mike Tyson with Fedor Emelianenko.

ecchirebirth says:

His speed and reflexes were unreal. Just watching him drill the dempsey roll makes my eyes cross, I can’t imagine trying to zero in on him in an actual fight.

Oleg Morozov says:

Boxing legend

Denis Kuklin says:

Ебать он быстрый.Просто машина!!!

mohamed réda Maragaoui says:

bigg mr 1 Mike Tyson

jbenson81 says:

Dude, I’m a boxing fan first and foremost. I’ve always loved the Sweet Science. I enjoy it far more than MMA. But that doesn’t change the fact that MMA is a more complete combat sport. Well rounded MMA fighters have a much greater arsenal to pull from and a far methods to incapacitate you. Many of boxings move and strategies were cultivated to avoid what you see in a ring, namely punches. Even Mike’s peek-a-boo style is of little use when a guy’s going to kick the legs out from under you.

MrKeepnit100 says:

Nope because in mma if you suck at something you can mask it with something else. Plus half of these MMA fanboys think if they watch it and learn a leg kick and an armbar that they can beat a well trained boxer….

Bambi Spank says:

i said that because ppl were saying that mike tyson could beat any MMA fighter which is ridiculos

reefturkey says:

This isn’t a street fight you troll it’s called boxing. It’s like saying Kobe needs to tackle like the NFL players if he wants to keep up with Ray Lewis. You make no sense.

reefturkey says:

Kid Dynamite! I don’t care what anyone says there is not one man on the planet that could survive tyson in the ring when he was in his prime.

Icanfuckyouhard says:

How was my comment directed to you? I was talking to Bombi spank guy…

Never back says:

As a wrestling/mma fan I actually appreciate and admire Mike tyson’s footwork so don’t put all of us in a box cockboy.

Icanfuckyouhard says:


Icanfuckyouhard says:

no good footwork?from comment u seemed to be a wrestling fan/MMA.You haven’t seen enough boxing to comment like that…

Bambi Spank says:

is because of the sun and because the comments below mine

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