Louie Simmons talking explosive power training exercises for boxing workouts.

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Louie Simmons talking explosive power training exercises for boxing workouts.

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bon com says:

Yo yo… Fantastic movie. My dad had been a fatty. He enhanced himself from
285lbs of fat to 210 lbs of genuine lean muscle. His buddies were stunned.
I just joined personally as I’m wanting to get stronger muscles. He used
the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)…

joemcbobinite says:

@GetStrongStrength i think that his injuries should also be noted lol. he
still does all this shit while being old, and having a back injury and a
few others

bench595 says:

please tell me where I said he doesnt know what he is talking about!!!!
wow, quit making assumptions asshole!!

James Read says:

Much respect for that..but damn how about they try stay away from those
donuts and burgers for a few months lol


he has Bruce lees pic in the back ground

Shabangum says:

@rctriplefresh5 Me? No siree. I don’t consider a belt equipped.

Ali Deutscher says:

i love louie and one day i will make the trip to the mekka from germany…

maxfield3000 says:

yea right??? haha you think you’re stronger than louie simmons? you’ve got
to be kidding me

themetalgod21 says:

@rockbodyfitness nowhere near the amount of westside athletes.The nfl
players are at least tested and get caught every now and then.Westside
doesn’t ever get tested.If the dea was to come in with a warrant to
westside i can’t imagine what drugs they would find and if they arrested
anyone i guarantee they would test positive.

glueissticky00 says:

imagine all the roids they take….

adarqui says:

@bretchet23 possibly, but i can dunk, louie can’t, so suck my dick. louie
fabricates a bunch of shit, sure he’s a legend and knows his shit, but he
tosses out BS left and right.. again, like i said, you tool, vids of his
guys outjumping nfl athletes? they don’t exist.. now good riddance.

217zenki says:

How can be so full of knowledge but yet neglect himself?

J. McNutt says:

It amazes me how stupid people can be……making comments about someone
they don’t even know….and, yes, I train at Westside…..

zrx7769 says:

yep, i bet he can fight his way out of a paper bag

Kirk Crenshaw says:

Might as well be listening to GOD

Cameron Gonring says:

For anyone who sayd louie is old and weak, id like to see you compete
against him. maybe take a trip to westside and see what happens. Also, who
cares if they are on anabolic steroids its their life not yours. “Your
morals are your morals, who am I to judge you, and who are you to judge me?”

zrx7769 says:

wow, you win the award for biggest fucktard on youtube!!! you obviously
didnt read ALL the comments and the responses to those comments and the
responses to those comments!!! jif you did you would see that I am not
dissing louies knowledge. I am talking about how some people are so taken
in by someone that they worship him and believe he will always be what he
was even in old age!!! wow you are soooo fucking stupid!!! do you even know
how to tie your shoes!!! fucking idiot!!!

Fred Hahn says:


Rob Pilger says:

I’ll put my shirt back on as soon as you stop hating. Real shit goes down
eh?…. That’s not what I seen when I was down there.

Pete Crifase says:

using a belt isnt considered being equipped, if he had a bench shirt or
squat suit on that’s different

hybridman says:

LOL! Louie:”my guys out jump NFL football players, and thats hard to
explain.” Rob:”because theyre so strong?” Louie: “well, yeah, because
theyre so strong.” LOL, guess it wasnt hard to explain haha.

AL says:

he’s strong to asshole. he’s the best. why you hating on the best? you
jelous i know you are. bitch shut up, stop getting mad because you arn’t

Rob Pilger says:

Because I wanted my shirt off! Only on youtube do you get the most dumb ass
comments, people hating on Louie when all he does is give back to the
industry and and comments like, why’s your shirt off, or put your shirt on,
just watch the fuckin video and absorb Louie’s knowledge ok? lol

AL says:

besides, who cares how strong he is. he coaches the best in the world, has
the most efficient and famous power lifting program in history, and has
made more professional powerlifters than any other program could ever
muster. westside is the bestside. louie deserves every prop that he gets
plus much more.

maxfield3000 says:

says the faggot with no videos..

Diesel Strength & Conditioning says:

Two cool people in this video! I never thought about the stretch reflex of
the job and punch across the chest. Brilliant.

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